How To Add Blink Text/Link (Moving text) to Blogger (with screenshots)

By | October 2, 2017

Blogging is one of the simple, easy & an interesting way to share your ideas, technology, tricks, tips & information with the world. provides free blogs & templates. Now you can easily make your free blog with the help of blogger. There are millions of people who are writing blogs & are also liked by the readers. Millions of people earn money by blogging. One can start a blog easily with zero programming knowledge & can start earning money from his/her blog. How to earn money with Blogger. So, friend today we will tell you about Blink text or Moving text or a hyperlink. How to Add this Moving text or a hyperlink in blogger.

Steps for Adding Blink / Moving text-link to Blogger

Important Note:- For add a moving text or hyperlink, we have to add a CSS for Blink & HTML tag to display the text or hyperlink as given below.


.blink {
animation: blinker 1s linear infinite;

@keyframes blinker {
50% { opacity: 0.0; }

Step-1.  Sign In to your Blogger Account. Select the Blog in which you want to add Blinking / Moving text-link. Open the Menu & Click On the “Theme“. After this, Under “Live on blog” click on Customize tab.

Now, click on Advanced>>Add CSS, Copy the custom CSS given above & paste it in the box. Click on Apply to Blog link & you are done. A screenshot showing the process is given below.


For simple text

<span class=”blink”>Enter text to blink here</span>

For Hyperlink

<span class=”blink”><a href=”” target = “_top”>Text on Hyperlink to display</a></span>


Step-2.  After adding CSS, it’s time to add the HTML tag to blogger widget.

Now Go to “Layout” & click on the “Add a Gadget” tab & select “HTML & JavaScript” widget

In Widgets,  Add a “HTML/JavaScript” widget & paste above given HTML tag & save the widget.

Visit your blog & you will see the blinking text/hyperlink on your blog. Please share this post with your friend on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Note:-   Please change the following with your own requirement in above HTML tags.

  • Enter text to blink here  
  • Text on Hyperlink to display

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